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NUTRIDOME is a cosmetics store characterized by an empathetic expert staff. We carefully select products, check their quality and ensure a unique design. We listen to the needs of people like you and set ourselves new, ambitious goals every day.

Look at your body differently - it is the temple of the soul, much more than what meets the eye. At NUTRIDOME, we are convinced that you will find inner peace and harmony when you harmonize body&spirit. We are therefore constantly searching and discovering what is best for body and soul. We provide you with a unique selection of cosmetics and only work with selected brands whose philosophy is similar to ours.

Here you will find exceptional formulas, enchanting fragrances and good design. Our experts select the best cosmetic formulas from hundreds of products so that you can take care of your body and soul in your own style. But that's not all. Our experienced consultants will help you choose products tailored to your needs that will enrich your daily rituals. At NUTRIDOME, we are convinced that time dedicated to the body brings benefits and that conscious care should start here and now.

We know how important a friendship with your favorite cosmetics is to you. You can deepen this relationship - we invite you to our stationary store. You will familiarize yourself with all the products in our range.

Let us give you the best. Visit us at NUTRIDOME!

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